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Safety Policies

  • This is not a drop-off facility. Children must be accompanied by an adult. No more than two children to an adult unless they are your own children.
  • We do have items in our bakery with nuts, but if you alert us prior to visiting we will do our best to make it a safe experience for you and your child.

  • Please remain within arm's reach of your child at all times. We have chairs and benches throughout the Playseum for you to sit and watch or we hope that you will become engaged in the play and find quality time with your child.  

  • Coffee in a sealed cup/mug are allowed. If a coffee mug/cup is found on the floor, table or anywhere elsewhere it will be picked up and tossed as to not create a hazard. We trust the privilege to drink your morning coffee or tea will be respected and cups will be tossed when finished.

  • Simple snacks, juice boxes, sodas, coffee and tea are sold for $1 -$3 but Monday -Friday you may bring in your own food items as a family to enjoy in our eating area. We also have a small microwave for heating up bottles and baby food.                              

Playseum Manners

  • Please turn off your cell phones or set them to vibrate. If you need to take a call, please talk with a quiet and respectful voice so others are not disturbed.

  • If your child becomes upset or throws a loud fit, which all of us mom’s are used to, feel free to step outside for a moment until your child calms down, and is ready to come back in and play.

  • The Playseum is meant to be a fun-filled place with laughter, singing, dance and movement, but if your child’s actions become a disruption to others you will be asked to leave.

  • If your baby or toddler needs a diaper change do not be alarmed if one of our staff mentions it to you. We want to keep the Playseum a sweet smelling environment for all. There is a diaper changing station in our large bathroom available for your use.