Birthdays & Field Trips




Field Trips at the Playseum - Scroll down for info & pricing 

There is so much fun and learning to be experienced at the Playseum!

  • Children can grocery shop in the Safeway and use their counting, sorting, and social skills.

  • Stroll into the Pet Shop to hear, see, smell and touch real animals. We have rabbits, frogs, lizards, doves, finches and fish.

  • In the Art Studio, children can use their own imagination and create something new out of recycled or new mediums, paint on our plexi-glass wall or choose a art project ito do as a group. We  allow you to take it home the same day!

  • Dress up like a George or Martha Washington, Lincoln or Jefferson as you explore the President's study. 

  • Play the drums or keyboard on our musical stage in the family room or pick from one of the many bins on our activity shelf to build, create or learn.

  • Cook up some Chinese food in our pretend restaurant after you buy it in the Asian Market  

  • Go back in time and try out the old typewriter in our Grandma's Attic or listen to the old fashioned radio your great grandma would have used.  You will also find suitcases of old stylish clothes and unique finds that take us to yester years.

  • Rescue someone from a an imanginary fire by putting on some fire gear and driving our fire truck.

  • Come make your own homemade candy lip-balm or toothpaste at our Soap Bar. Itemes at the Soap bar are additional fees and need to be registered ahead of time. ($1-$6) 

  • Don't forget to visit Ms. Gina's Bakery where you can whip up a mini strawberry smoothie, an Oreo shake or decorate a chocolate chip cookie (story theme decoration) for a group rate of $1/per child.  When we do this activity we emphasize the need for the city to work with the people in the country.  We explore what cows give us and once we have that mild what other yummy things do we make.  

  • The Princess & Knight Shop is a favorite for both boys and  girls. Filled with princess dresses, wigs, knight, king and super hero costumes. 

  • The farm area has a full size saddle to jump on. Put on a cowboy hat and some chaps. Be sure to take a photo while you pretend to ride a horse.

  • The Fishing Pond is where kids can fish for alphabet letters with magnetic fishing poles. Help them find the letters to their name.  

  • Sports Shop is a small room with balls of all sizes and two IKE TYKE Basketball hoops. Have fun and or build something with our giant size life legos. 


Please call or email children@playseum for prices for your field trip.

Customize your field trip...

If children are 3 years and older we strongly suggest adding on the following:

$1  Strawberry smoothie 

$1  Decorate a cookie with sprinkles, marshmallows and chocolate chips 

If children are 5 years and older we strongly suggest adding on the following:

$4   Make a hand-print with paint on a ceramic tile in the art shop  

$3   Decorate your own butter cream cupcake in the Bakery 

If children are 9 years and older you must purchase at least 6 playseum dollars for each child. The children then get to pick and choose their own items to make in the various city shops.

What are the chaperone requirements?

We ask that there is at least a 1:8 ratio of chaperones to kids. If children are under 3 years of age the ratio must be 1:3. If you do not bring the appropriate amount of chaperones you will be denied entry but charged for the field trip. 

How many kids can I bring for a field trip?

We can accommodate field trips of up to 60 children at a time. Safety and supervision is important to us, therefore we require chaperones to be 18 years or older.   

How long is a field trip?

The time allotted is 2 hours maximum.  You may come in from 10am -12 or 12pm - 2 as long as there is availablity.   

What can we do for lunch?

For an additional $25.00 fee you can choose to bring in your own lunches and then recieve an additional 30 minutes. This allows your group to reserve the eating area for your private use. Our eating areas can hold up to 30 children at a time. If  you have a small group, you may opt to monopolize only one table (that seats 5 kids) at a time in the lunch area allowing our regular guests to still use the lunch area as well.  If you choose to do it this way there is no charge.

If you would like us to provide a pizza lunch to your kids and staff we may do so for  $5/person. We will provide paper plates, napkins, one piece of pizza per person, an apple sauce and juice box for the kids and 2 pieces of pizza for adults with a soda or water. Let us know if you would like us to add on the pizza lunch to your package and we will make sure it is nice and hot when you are ready to eat it. We would need to know your lunch order upon booking.

How do I schedule my field trip?

Call and first verify your preferred date and availability.

If the date you want is available and you would like to proceed we then will send you a preliminary letter, invoice and a layout of the Playseum.

At this point, nothing is reserved or put on our calendar until we have heard back from you with a $100 deposit or a credit card to hold the spot.  If we do not hear from you with a deposit or a credit card number within one week of sending you an email with invoice then your group will be removed from our calendar.  

You have one week to get back to us with a credit card or school check made out to the Playseum for the deposit to hold the spot. FULL payment is due upon entry!  

If you should cancel or not show up on the expected date the deposit is lost and will not be refunded.  If you had only left a credit card on file then a $100.00 will be charged to that card as a "NO SHOW" deposit fee.   There are NO refunds or credit given even if the number of children that was stated on your invoice happens to be less than the number attending. If you encounter a decrease in numbers after giving a deposit or a credit card number please notify us within 7 days of having received the confirmation otherwise you will be charged for the amount stated on your invoice.  

Should you bring in MORE adults or kids than what was indicated on your invoice there will be a $9 charge for each child and/or adult.   

If you have to change the date you may give us another date and incur a $10.00 change fee. The Playseum reserves the right to refuse entrance to unplanned or unpaid field trips.  

 SUMMER CAMP FIELD TRIPS  - June 15th - August 30th  ALL trip booked between these dates must give a non refundable $100 DEPOSIT. A credit card number will not suffice.  Please note that field trips are 2 hours and you can add an additional hour for an additional $5 per child.  You may also opt to do some additional Playseum dollar activities.  Please call us. We look forward to making your Summer Camp Awesome this year!  

Further questions?

Don't not hesitate to ask! Ready to book your next field trip?  Email or call us at or 240-507-8965.