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We have been open 7 wonderful memorable years! We look forward to another seven.  Your support means everything! Thank you! 

How it Began

Wondering how the playseum got started?
Click here to read about Miss Gina and how it all began.

Meet the Kids

Miss Gina has four wonderful children that were the inspiration behind the city shops.

Get to know them and be sure to say hello if you see them at the Playseum.

         Andrew's Art

            Andrew has his own art business.  If you are interested in seeing any of it. He exhibits his art ever               1st Sunday in Annapolis at the Annapolis Art fair.  He has taken over his mother's art business and is             a great entrepreneur as well. He preserves real flowers, leaves and butterflies and artistically displays             them in shadow box frames with words of encouragement. 

         Ashlen's Art

            Ashlen has her own art business too! She sells her creative whimsical art at the Playseum.  She loves     to paint animals and favorite kid characters. When you are here be sure to take a look and pick up a             piece for your child's bedroom. 

Meet our Staff

We hire great people that care about your kids. A couple of days a week we have volunteers with special needs.  Please be sure to let them know they are doing a great job when you are here.  We strive to hire people who are fun, creative and love family! 

Our Vision:

To be the ultimate place for kids to create and parents to relate!


Our Mission:

Come in and play and we will help a child far away! 

Please check out a video of the children we are currently sponsoring through your patronage. 

(The Playseum currently supports  70 children who have been taken off the streets in Northern India. Many of whom would have otherwise died, been sold into slavery or abandoned.  These children have been placed in loving adoptive native homes one at a time. Remember them in your prayers.

In 2016, Ms. Gina and her three daughters went to Chengdu China and helped build the first Children's Museum in Chengdu.  Come in and enjoy our pretend Chinese market and cafe.  

We Value:

LIFE - Every child is a gift from God.

FAMILY- The family unit is the most vital part of our community. We treasure the opportunity to offer you a place to create family memories.

GOD- God is the giver of breath and we endeavor to honor Him in all of our affairs and serve our guests with excellence.